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BC Law Highlights and Profile of the Student Body

admission statistics

Professor Joe Liu teaches class

BC Law Rankings Highlights

Student Body
Total Enrollment: 694 JD, 13 LLM
Male: 54%
Female: 46%
Students of Color: 21%
International: 2.3%

2015 Entering Class
Number of applicants: 3631
Enrolled students: 234

Median GPA: 3.56
25th percentile: 3.38
75th percentile: 3.65

Median LSAT: 162
25th percentile: 158
75th percentile: 163

States represented: 36
Colleges and Universities represented: 123
Undergraduate majors represented: 54

Women: 46%
Students of Color: 24%
Average Age: 24
Range: 20-70

Geographic Distribution: 36 states represented + South Korea, China, Georgia, Iraq

Advanced degrees: 16

Deadline: March 31st. Decisions sent on a rolling basis.

2016-2017 Academic Year: $50,620

Special Programs
LL.M. Program (one year)
Dual Degrees: J.D./M.B.A., J.D./M.S.W.,J.D./M.A,J.D./Ph.D. Philosophy, J.D./M.Ed., J.D./M.A. in Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning, J.D./MPH in Public Health, J.D./MA in Environmental, Energy, Land, or Food Law (Vermont Law School).
Exchange Programs: Semester in London, Paris, Germany, Spain, Argentina
Externships: see experiential learning

Financial Aid
FAFSA required for all applicants for financial aid
Scholarships are renewed annually as long as students remain in good academic standing. BC Law does not award conditional scholarships.

Full & Part-Time Faculty
Faculty/Student Ratio: 10.33 to 1
Total Faculty: 103
Full time: 61
Adjunct: 42

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