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Paola Jufrance Vega - LL.M., 2009

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Paola Vega

Legal Advisor, Ministry of Economy and Finance, Republic of Panama. Bachelor's Degree in Law and Political Science (2004) and Master in Commercial Law (2007), Santa María la Antigua Catholic University, Panama City, Panama.

"Enrolling in the LL.M. program completely changed my life and how I thought about the law. We had a special group of professors who made the classes very interactive, and taught us the legal theory and skills we needed to succeed. I learned an enormous amount about the American legal system and met a wonderful group of colleagues from around the world."

Paola Vega is an attorney in the Panamanian Ministry of Economy and Finance, advising her government on procedures for the solicitation of public bids. This involves overseeing bids' compliance with not only Panamanian law, but also the increasingly complex web of laws governing international business transactions. In addition to her three years practicing public procurement law, she has taught a course in government procurement at Santa María La Antigua Catholic University, worked as an officer of the Panamanian judiciary, and interned in two local law firms.

Paola Vega earned both her bachelor and master degrees summa cum laude and with valedictorian honors. She plans a career in government, teaching and the judiciary.