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Ahmad Rasikh Rasikh - LL.M., 2012

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Ahmad Rasikh Rasikh LL.M. Alumni 2012

LL.B., Kabul University, Kabul, Afghanistan.

“BC is a great legal learning environment: a place with high academic standards, a passion for law, and faculty who are very helpful, friendly and accessible. It is not only the flexible curriculum, which lets you select your favorite courses, nor the diversity of LL.M. class, which gives you world-wide perspectives and companionship. In addition, attending classes with J.D. students, networking and sharing experiences with them, is both fun and rewarding. Finally, the entire university stands ready to help and support you, whenever and whatever you need. If you are thirsty for learning, what BC offers is limitless. It is the home for legal eagles with a mission to ever excel!”

Ahmad Rasikh earned his degree in law and political science (with honors) from Kabul University in 2010. Law is a second career for him: he also has eleven years’ experience as a manager for technical assistance programs in Kabul, most recently as Operations Director for a Johns Hopkins University public health research project.

Rasikh is committed to the reform of the Afghan legal system, a commitment he attributes to personal experience. In 2003, he was jailed for a month after a minor automobile accident because he refused to bribe the traffic police officer on the scene. He recalls that, while his case made it way through court, "court officials threatened me with long-term imprisonment and punishment if they did not receive bribes." While the situation has improved somewhat since then, Rasikh notes that the rule of law in Afghanistan is still weak. Challenges include the "climate of impunity," the lack of resources for the court system, many judges' lack of legal training, and the traditional mechanisms through which most claims are resolved.

Rasikh’s BC Law coursework focused on international law and human rights, with additional work in legal philosophy and negotiation skills. In addition, he found time to explore Boston with his family. He reports that “my wife and kids are excited about the city, and we enjoyed our time both living and studying in Boston.”

Upon his return to Afghanistan, Rasikh hopes to "play the role of a highly educated justice sector reform specialist and technical expert", perhaps establishing a "good governance institute" that carries out research and training programs for civil servants. Rasikh’s LL.M. studies were supported in part by the Public-Private Partnership for Justice Reform in Afghanistan, a U.S. Department of State-sponsored initiative that works to advance the rule of law in Afghanistan.