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Kwesi Keli-Delataa - LL.M., 2011

LL.M. Alumni Profiles


Associate, Sam Okudzeto & Associates, Accra, Ghana.  Bar Certificate, Ghana School of Law, Accra, Ghana.  LL.B., University of Ghana, Legon, Ghana.  B.F.A., University of Ghana, Legon, Ghana

“When I decided on BC as an LL.M. destination, I had exceptionally high expectations because I had heard exciting anecdotes about the ‘legendary BC lawyering’ and the stimulating intellectual environment at the college. At the end of my programme of study, I can confidently say that BC exceeded my expectations.”

Kwesi Keli-Delataa is a Barrister and Solicitor in the public law department of Sam Okudzeto & Associates, a leading Accra firm.  His work there includes public law litigation and advocacy, and legal policy research and education.  He has also worked as a research and teaching assistant in constitutional law at the University of Ghana, and as a legislative researcher and draftsman at the E-Ghana Consortium, whose mandate is to develop the legislative framework for e-governance in Ghana.  A member of a small minority group in Ghana, he was nonetheless elected President of the University Students’ Association of Ghana during his undergraduate days.

Kwesi took an eclectic approach to his BC Law studies:  his coursework ranged from corporate and securities law to energy and environmental law to constitutional law and theory.  His favorite courses were securities law and constitutional law.  The opportunity offered him by a constitutional law professor, Richard Albert, to present a Ghanaian perspective on constitutional law to a J.D. class, remains one of his fondest memories at BC.  He plans a career in private practice and teaching.