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Pierre-Alain Conil - LL.M., 2011

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Pierre-Alain Conil

Diplôme Supérieur de Notariat, Centre de Formation Professionnelle Notariale de Paris, Neuilly sur Seine, France.  Master II Droit Notarial, Université de Rouen, Rouen, France.  Maîtrise de Droit des Affaires, Université de Rouen, Rouen, France.

"After receiving my notary degree in France, I looked for an LL.M. that would give me a comprehensive vision of the American legal system and legal culture while allowing me to focus on my areas of specialty: family law and estate planning.  BC Law’s program gave me this and even more.  The teaching methodology, the easy access to professors and the welcoming atmosphere of the school made the year a truly enriching experience.  I also spent a lot of time with my fellow LL.M.s, amazing individuals from fourteen different countries.  Overall, the BC LL.M. program was a wonderful experience that enhanced my skills as a lawyer and broadened my mind as a citizen."

Pierre-Alain Conil came to BC Law after three years as a notarial trainee at the Paris firm of Jean Dupont-Cariot, Benoit Depaquit et Marceau Clermon.  While there, he handled cases involving family law, estate and gift planning, taxation, and real estate law – core areas of the notarial branch of the French legal profession.  While traditionally the field has been domestically oriented, the increasingly cross-border nature of family life and property ownership now requires notaries to have greater knowledge of other legal systems.  Thus Pierre-Alain is one of France’s first prospective notaries to have pursued LL.M. study in the U.S. 

Pierre-Alain’s BC Law studies focused on estate planning, trusts and estates, gift and estate tax, and family law, including a 60-page independent study concerning estate planning options for families with young children.  Professor Ray Madoff, who supervised the study, was so impressed that she and Pierre-Alain are now planning to co-author an article concerning comparative French and American inheritance law. 

Outside of the classroom, Pierre-Alain frequently delighted his classmates with his culinary talents, preparing dinners of boeuf bourguignon, roulés au thon, and tarte au citron meringuée.