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Latifeh Aavani - LL.M., 2011

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Latifeh Aavani

Visiting Scholar, Boston College Law School.  LL.B., University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran.

“The BC LL.M. program was one of the most inspiring experiences of my legal education.  It was not simply BC’s distinguished faculty, who were always available to me; nor the school's curriculum, which provided an enormous range of options; nor my brilliant classmates from fourteen countries, who made sharing global concerns a reality.  Rather, it was BC’s critical approach to studying law, an approach that analyzes various dimensions of legal facts from different perspectives. This acquainted me, for the first time, with one of the most fundamental elements of comparative legal studies.”

Latifeh Aavani is currently a Visiting Scholar at Boston College Law School, researching the interaction of global norms and standards with Islamic values.  She came to us immediately after finishing her basic law studies in her native Iran, but it would be a mistake to equate her relative youth with inexperience.  Back at home, this “overactive” student (as one of her professors described her) organized six human rights conferences in collaboration with the United Nations Development Program, taught in Tehran’s Institute for Protection of Labor Children, and served in both the University of Tehran’s Criminology and Criminal Center and a family law training program for judges.  Along the way she managed to complete every semester with distinction and serve as the President of her school’s Student Law Association for a year.

Latifeh’s studies at BC Law focused on legal theory, human rights, and Islamic law. She is generally interested in comparative study of Islam and international human rights, with a focus on the idea of rights and duties.  Her career plans include research and teaching back home, and continuing her cooperation with international organizations.