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Boston College School of Social Work

Grant Awards 2016

American Cancer Society
“Impact of the ACA on the prevention and early detection”
December 2016

University of Washington/National Institutes of Health
 “Demographic Vulnerability, Neighborhood Pollution, and Racial Health Disparities”
November 2016

David Takeuchi received $77,976 to work on a study that focuses on the effects of neighborhood air pollution on individual health and mortality. In this study, Dr. Takeuchi is charged with designing strategies to decompose racial differences in health outcomes, focusing on the role of racial differences in levels and effects of neighborhood pollution.

Health Resources and Services Administration
“Expanding the Behavioral Health Social Work Workforce in Suffolk County”
$262,041 ($632,376)
September 2016

The School of Social Work received $262,041from The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) of the US Department of Health and Human Services  for Behavioral Health Workforce Education and Training for Professionals and Paraprofessionals. In this third year of the grant, a total of 22 final year students will participate in the program. They will provide behavioral health services to youth, transition age youth and their families within Suffolk County in integrated primary care and behavioral health care settings or in settings with youth at risk of developing behavioral health conditions. Each student will receive a $10,000 stipend. In addition, they will be able to participate in seminars and conferences.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
“A Demonstration & Evaluation of Self-Direction in Behavioral Health”
$349,750 ($999,995)
August 2016

Kevin Mahoney received a $1 million grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to conduct a multi-state demonstration and evaluation of self-direction in behavioral health.

Brandeis University/National Institutes of Health
“Boston Roybal Center”
$23,863 ($50,579)
August 2016

Dr. Lubben was awarded $23,863 to work with Margie Lachman, the Co-Leader of Core A, in directing and coordinating the activities of the Boston Roybal Center. This includes establishing the Center vision, protocols, and public communications. It also includes hosting meetings of the Roybal Center's Executive committee and maintaining on-going communications with the other members of the committee. He assists in the establishment of the Center's advisory panels and communicates with advisory panel members on a regular and as-needed basis. As co-leader of Core A, he collaborates with the leaders of the Pilot Core B in establishing procedures for awarding the Center's pilot project grants in a manner consistent with the overall Center goals.

Center for Disease Control & Prevention.
"Quantifying Economic and Health Effects of Psychosocial Workplace Exposures"
$108,000 ($324,000)
June 2016

In this third year of her K01 grant, Erika Sabbath continues her research on the economic and health impact of psychosocial occupational exposures in health care settings. The outcomes of this research have the potential to benefit the health of employees and reduce the costs to employers that psychosocial strains incur in terms of turnover and increased employee related expenses.


University of Chicago/NIH
"Culture, Family Process and Development Outcomes in Asian American Youth"
$14,238 ($109,946)
May 2016

Veteran's Administration
"Veteran Directed Home & Community Based Services Assessment"
May 2016

Veteran's Administration
"Veteran Directed Home & Community Based Services Assessment"
May 2016

Gilead Sciences Inc.
"28th Annual National Social Work and HIV/AIDS Conference"
April 2016

Gilead Sciences, Inc. has donated $23,582 in support of the annual HIV/AIDS Conference The 28th Annual National Conference on Social Work and HIV/AIDS , May 26-29 2016, at the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis. The theme of the conference is “This Is What We Are About: Champions For Hiv Care”

Vilcek Foundation
"Immigrant Integration Lab (ILL) Research Dissemination"
April 2016

Westy Egmont received $10,000 from the Vilcek Foundation to support research dissemination at the SSW Immigrant Integration Lab.

Federación Internacional de Fe y Alegría
"Final Evaluation: Strengthening Today to Secure the Future"
February  2016

Stephanie Berzin received $5,000 to perform a final evaluation of the three year pilot program,"Strengthening today to Secure the Future" designed to help Fe y Alegría engage in online fundraising training and coaching. As the pilot program comes to a close, this grant will support a final evaluation of the overall program and assess staff learning and organizational growth.

United Way
"Working Our Way Up: Secondary Analysis of Data Collected on United Way's 'Boston Youth Ventures' program"
February 2016

Stephanie Berzin received $13,855 to analyze data collected on United Way's "Boston Youth Ventures" program.

United Way
"Working Our Way Up: Developing Measures for an Exploratory Evaluation of United Way's 'Boston Youth Ventures' program"
February 2016

Stephanie Berzin received $13,855 to develop measures to evaluate United Way's "Boston Youth Ventures" program.