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CCDE Qualitative Reports

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Project Background

The Cash & Counseling Reports on Arkansas, New Jersey and Florida are a collection of stories about the participants' experience in the Cash & Counseling Demonstration and Evaluation (CCDE). These stories are based on in-depth interviews with CCDE clients, their families and caregivers, and program consultants, complemented with detailed descriptions of the physical setting and appearance of the "consumer team". Each story weaves together the voices of the interviewees to offer a unique perspective about each consumer team's program experience.

The CCDE National Program Office is grateful to Kevin Eckert, PhD and Patricia San Antonio, PhD, of the University of Maryland Baltimore County, for their effort in developing these valuable reports.

Given the rich and complex information contained in these reports, the research team developed a User's Guide to help the user navigate through the Reports easily and find information quickly and effectively. It is recommended that the User's Guide is read before accessing the Reports. The guide is available in HTML and PDF versions. In addition, a detailed key word index exists for each Report to help the user locate specific information. Please see the links below to access the Reports, User's Guide, and the detailed index for each Report.

Cash & Counseling Demonstration Evaluation Summary (HTML) (PDF)

Qualitative Reports:

User's Guide (read first): HTML or PDF

Arkansas C&C Report        |    Arkansas Detailed Index

New Jersey C&C Report    |    New Jersey Detailed Index

Florida C&C Report            |    Florida Detailed Index

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