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Research & Public Policy

The NRCPDS is committed to facilitating the growth of participant direction throughout the country. As such, we conduct research and inform public policy to promote the improvement and expansion of quality participant-directed programs.

The following is a look at our key priorities in research and public policy.

Research Priorities

Our research focuses on promising practices and the impact of participant-directed programs. We are working on a number of projects, articles, presentations and issue briefs, including: 

Project: "Caregivers in Self-Directed Support Programs"
 To learn from caregivers about what is helpful about self-directed programs and what improvements can be made.
Funder: National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR)

Project: 2013 National Inventory of Participant-Directed Programs
Determine the number of participant-directed programs nationwide and create descriptions of program characteristics/features to define a continuum of "participant directedness."
Facts and Figures Report from the 2013 National Inventory

Project: "Voice of the Veterans"
Capture Veterans' perspectives about the importance of the Veteran-Directed program in their daily lives and what improvements they would recommend.

Public Policy Priorities

We have created comprehensive strategies to ensure public policy is shaped by lessons learned and a well-established stakeholder-involvement process. Our public policy roadmap currently includes these key priorities:

  • Fair Labor Standards Act Home Care Rule
  • Self Direction in Behavioral Health
  • Self Direction in a managed care environment