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Westy Egmont on CNN to Discuss Obama's Immigration Executive Order

Westy Egmont
Westy Egmont

NOVEMBER 21, 2014

Following Barack Obama's announcement that he would use executive authority on immigration policy, BC Social Work Professor Westy Egmont went on CNN to discuss what the order means for the millions of immigrants affected by the president's decision.

"I'm sure that tonight, there's a lot of weeping and joy in millions of homes across the United States," Egmont told CNN International anchor Errol Barnett. "This is a profound opportunity for people to come out of the shadows…It means for some people the ability to go to work legally. It means for many people the ability to stay with their children who have already been given under DACA [Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals] the opportunity to stay in the country. It certainly is going to mean an emotional opportunity to breathe deeper, to feel cohesively a part of the community in which in they live, and to take hope for the future.

"But many others are going to feel left out, they're going to feel afraid, they're going to feel very uncertain… [There will be] those who believe that the instant value of what's being offered gives them a sense of well-being, but there will be many others who will say why didn’t we get comprehensive reform."  Read more about Westy Egmont's appearance on CNN on our blog Innovate@BCSocialWork »