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BC Social Work Launches Blog

Innovate@BCSocialWork blog

SEPTEMBER 16, 2014

The Boston College School of Social Work proudly announces the launch of a new school blog: Innovate@BCSocialWork, an interactive space designed to serve those who are committed to social justice. While the blog will serve the students, alumni, and faculty of the school, it's intended for anyone seeking to engage in an intellectual forum about how to make transformation happen.

The goal of Innovate@BCSocialWork is to build a community of people who care about the study of social work in higher education, while highlighting social work practice and research taking place both within, and beyond, BC's campus walls.

At Innovate@BCSocialWork, readers will hear from a variety of voices, including students, alumni, faculty, researchers, and leaders in practice.

There is always a lot going on at BC Social Work, and this past summer was no different. Here are some initial blog posts highlighting recent events and perspectives close to the school:

Follow the Blog

BC Social Work seeks an engaged, thoughtful audience to become a part of Innovate@BCSocialWork. Readers can sign up for updates by going to the blog at and entering their email address on the right hand column of any page. Posts will also be highlighted on social media. Innovate@BCSocialWork is optimized for both desktop computers and for mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets.