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Boston College School of Social Work



Darfur Exhibition

One of over 200 children's drawings from Darfur that was on exhibit at Bapst Library from March 9th
through March 27th.

MARCH 9, 2009

The Boston College Graduate School of Social Work, The Center for Human Rights and International Justice, and The Center for the Arts and Social Responsibility co-sponsored Waging Peace's traveling exhibition of drawings created by refugee children from Darfur. The exhibit was displayed in Bapst Library and was on view from March 9th through March 27th, 2009. Waging Peace, Chair Rebecca Tinsley presented an impassioned lecture outlining the issues and problems with both raising awareness and initiating global support for the Sudan people.

The exhibition displayed a select sample of the 500 drawings that have been submitted as evidence of war crimes to the International Criminal Court in the proceedings against accused Sudanese officials, who have denied policies of genocide. The drawings have been exhibited in London and throughout the world to raise awareness about the crisis in Darfur.

Waging Peace, a UK-based human rights organization, campaigns against genocide and systematic human rights abuses. They focus on parts of Africa where the International community is overlooking atrocities, and where minorities have been persecuted.

Interview with Waging Peace Chair Rebecca Tinsley


To learn more about the Waging Peace campaign visit their website at: www.wagingpeace.inf.