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Student Veterans

Student Veterans

BCSSW student Lisa Smith leads an initiative to bolster communication among U.S. military veterans in the Boston College community.       

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BCSSW Leads Partnership between Boston College and the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

BCSSW Leads Partnership between Boston College and the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

Boston College School of Social Work Dean Gautam Yadama played an instrumental role in bringing the two institutions together; a BCSSW team is already working with IITB on a project designed to provide clean renewable energy to low resource areas of rural India. 

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Easton Characterizes Existing Research on Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Easton Characterizes Existing Research on Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Associate Professor Scott Easton has contributed a chapter to the recently released book Understanding the Sexual Betrayal of Boys & Men, edited by renowned psychologist and psychoanalyst Richard B. Gartner. In this Q&A with Innovate, Easton discusses what it means to  have been included in the project. 

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BCSSW Introduces New Faculty in 2017

Yadama & Fellow Lancet Commissioners Release Groundbreaking Global Analysis on Pollution

The Lancet Commission on Pollution and Health, of which BCSSW Dean Gautam N. Yadama is a commissioner, has released a report analyzing the scope of the health and economic costs of air, water, soil, and occupational pollution in the world today. The report represents the first global analysis of the impacts from all forms of pollution measured together, while exploring the enormous economic costs (estimates suggest as much as $4.6 trillion) and the social injustices of pollution.  

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September’s NASW News highlighted Associate Professor Stephanie Berzin and her ongoing leadership on the Grand Challenges for Social Work initiative “harnessing technology for social good.”  

The Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies published an article by Associate ProfessorRocío Calvo on how the Affordable Care Act has positively contributed to immigrants’ sense of belonging in the United States.

Professor Tiziana Dearing co-edited Managing for Social Impact (Springer Press, 2017), which provides a paradigm for “socially responsible enterprise management.”

Associate Professor Westy Egmont led a workshop entitled “Urban Integration in a Time of Rising Nationalism” during Metropolis International 2017 at The Hague.

Associate Professor Summer Hawkins is principal investigator in a $700,000+ study sponsored by the American Cancer Society on the impact of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on the prevention and early detection of women’s cancers. She also published an article on the effect of the Affordable Care Act on disparities in breastfeeding (with A. Noble and C. F. Baum) in the American Journal of Public Health.  This October, she has presented research at two high profile conferences: on the “Impact of state-level policy changes on maternal mortality: a quasi-experimental study” at the Population Health Science Research Workshop in Boston, and “The downstream effects of state tobacco control policies on birth outcomes” at the Interdisciplinary Association for Population Health Science in Austin, Texas.

Associate Professor Tom Crea is lead author on several reports on education in youth, including a study published in PROSPECTS titled “Food for Education in Honduras: Psychosocial correlates of childhood literacy” and a Journal of Refugee Studies paper with BCSSW doctoral students Robert. G. Hasson, III, and Kerri Evans, among other coauthors.

Donahue and DiFelice Professor of Social Work Ruth McRoy delivered keynote remarks at a conference on open and special adoptions at the Universidad Pontificia Comillas in Madrid, Spain.

Affilia: Journal of Women and Social Work published Professor Shanta Pandey’s editorial “The Road From Millennium Development Goals to Sustainable Development Goals by 2030: Social Work’s Role in Empowering Women and Girls.”

Assistant Professor Scott Easton contributed a chapter to Understanding the Sexual Betrayal of Boys (Routledge, 2017). He also coauthored “ ‘A Very Steep Climb’: Therapists’ Perspectives on Barriers to Disclosure of Child Sexual Abuse Experiences for Men,” which was published in the Journal of Child Sexual Abuse.

This month, Psychology of Violence published Assistant Professor Jessica Shaw and coauthors’ paper “Beyond surveys and scales: How rape myths manifest in sexual assault police records.” The paper includes research she conducted for her dissertation, which won the 2017 SCRA Best Dissertation in a Topic Relevant to Community Psychology Award from the Society for Community Research and Action. Also in print from Shaw this October: “Forgotten evidence: A mixed methods study of why sexual assault kits (SAKs) are not submitted for DNA forensic testing” in Law and Human Behavior and “The national problem of untested sexual assault kits (SAKs): Why aren’t police submitting rape kits for DNA analysis?” in Trauma, Violence, & Abuse.

Assistant Professor Samantha Teixeira’s article, “Youth-led participatory photo mapping to understand urban environments” (with R. Gardner), has been published online by Children and Youth Services Review.

Boston College has named Kevin Mahoney Professor Emeritus for his myriad accomplishments during his time at the School of Social Work.

Associate Professor Westy Egmont comments on President Trump’s halt to the United States refugee program in the Boston Herald »

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Faculty members Tiziana DearingSummer Hawkins, and David Takeuchi  released RISE3 reports during an event on campus that featured speakers from the Obama administration team. "RISE3 Publishes Data-Driven Reports from Partnership with Obama White House"»

Professor Tiziana Dearing has teamed with Carroll School of Management Professor Mary Cronin to edit an innovative book designed to provide a paradigm for “socially responsible enterprise management”»