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Boston College School of Social Work
Center for Social Innovation


Innovation: The BCSSW Field Experience

The Center for Social Innovation and the Social Innovation and Leadership program (SIL) was developed to train social work students to enhance the growing field of social innovation by combining the practice of entrepreneurship with traditional empathy-building skills taught in social work. In order to better understand this experience, we would like to highlight some of the experiences outside the classroom and inside the social work field.

“My placement is at More Than Words, a social enterprise, which balances social and business needs. During their staff meeting they highlight goals on both sides, which I haven’t seen at any other non-profit I’ve worked in. But I think it’s an important conversation to have openly with the whole staff.” – first year MSW student

“My placement works on committees to address difficult social issues and experience at Social Innovation day has shown me the different ways that groups can address the issues in innovative ways or through innovative processes.” – second year MSW Student

“It seems to me that true innovation comes from understanding both the administrative side of the work, as well as the implementation, program side. Perhaps it is fear of accountability and needing control over change, or perhaps it is a culture that I have yet to understand at my agency, but change comes slowly" is a phrase I am constantly told here. The question still remains for me: Does it need to?”- second year MSW student

Each field expeience is unqie for each BCSSW Student but overall, we hope to help educate students in innovation which can be used in the field and thier future employment.