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CSI Now on Twitter!

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JANUARY 1, 2015

As the BC Center for Social Innovation continues to participate in exciting work around innovation to address social problems, we wanted to find a way to continuously share this information with all those interested and invested in this world. This has encouraged us to start our own Twitter!

While the School of Social Work is already committed to reaching out on relevant social work news and updates, the Center's Twitter will focus on highlighting innovations in the social sector. We plan to actively share relevant information around our collaborations and research as well as other relevant findings in social innovation. We will keep our followers up-to-date on both our local work in Boston as well as our current international partnership in Santiago, Chile. In addition, we plan to share the latest information we find in the field of innovation that is continuously impacting our world. 

This field is continuously growing and changing, and we want to share!

Follow us @BC_Innovation.