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Center for Social Innovation


Camarena Presents on Innovation in Education in Nicaragua

Camarena Presenting


OCTOBER 15-19, 2014

Joining leaders from over 20 countries, Assistant Director of the Center for Social Innovation, Humberto Camarena, led the discussion on innovation in higher education to explore strategies for engaging students and educators through innovation.

The International Innovation Symposium: New Challenges, Great Opportunities provided a space for directors and representatives of Fe y Alegría to come together to critically analyze the current educational landscape in Latin America. “Given the ever-evolving sociopolitical climate in Latin America and its impact on education,” Camarena said, “purposeful spaces to share thoughts and innovative strategies are imperative.”

The 4-day symposium, which took place in Managua, Nicaragua, coincided with the 50th year anniversary of Fe Y Alegría Nicaragua. The event included workshops, panel discussions, and working group sessions and discussed topics such as bilingual and intercultural education, utilizing radio to compliment education, and government partnerships for innovation.

Gabriel Velez, member of Fe y Alegría’s Innovation Committee and BC SSW alumnus, said the symposium “was an important milestone in a process of reflection about the opportunities and challenges we are facing given this new context in Latin America.” For additional information from the event, visit Fe y Alegría’s innovation blog.