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Lunch with Leader John Larivee


John Larivee is the Chief Executive Officer of Community Resources for Justice. John joined CRJ in 1974 as supervisor of case workers at the Deer Island House of Correction, a federal grant funded program of CRJ. Since being appointed as Deputy Director in 1975, his responsibilities have included consulting services to state and local criminal justice agencies, and government and media relations for CRJ. He has served as Chief Executive of CRJ since 1985. John serves on the Board of the Massachusetts Council of Human Service Providers and is Past President. He is Past President and a founding member of Citizens for Juvenile Justice, and Past President of the International Community Corrections Association. For the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, John has served on the Special Commission To Study the Commonwealth’s Criminal Justice System (2012), Governor’s Commission on Criminal Justice Innovation (2002), the Governor’s Advisory Council on Corrections (1989) and the Governor’s Advisory Council Youth Services (1999).