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Boston College School of Social Work
Center for Social Innovation


Lunch with Leader Elizabeth Nahar

Elizabeth Nahar (MSW and MBA '97) currently serves as Director of Sustainability for ChildObesity180, a childhood obesity prevention organization at Tufts University. She focuses on fundraising, strategic planning, and partnership development (not green energy as you might be tempted to think from the title!). Nahar began her career as a clinical social worker with the intention to support families and children as a clinician and eventually as a manager of social services. Since that time, she has worked on family and children's health in a variety of roles and non-profit organizations (including her personal role as a wife and mother of four children), moving steadily away from clinical work towards large scale social change efforts. Since 2006, Nahar has worked with several outstanding scientists, helping to research what creates healthier environments for children, and then working to translate the evidence into real world impact.

Lunches with Leaders: This program is designed to expose Macro-SIL students, and other Boston College students interested in leadership, to the practical experiences of leaders in social-justice-oriented careers. Leaders will bring their strengths in administration, policy, and change management/transformation to the discussion. The program will take place as a lunch series, where leaders discuss their greatest leadership challenge, their most important leadership lesson, and give three pieces of advice for students. A facilitated Q&A session will follow.