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Boston College School of Social Work
Center for Social Innovation

“These innovative models and strategies are important, as these businesses have a doublebottom line: they provide a social benefit to some of our most vulnerable residents and diversify their revenue with effective earned-income strategies. In addition, they’re expanding job creation and increasing the employability of people with challenging circumstances.”

- Providers Council President & CEO Michael Weekes.


Selected CSI Research Projects

Strengthening the Present to Secure the Future: Professors Stephanie Berzin, PhD, Thomas Crea, PhD, and CSI Assistant Director Humberto Camarena have been work in partnership with Fe y Alegría International on a pilot project to enhance the organization’s long term sustainability.

By integrating innovation into its fundraising efforts, the research project aims to measure the impact of Fe y Alegría’s innovative capacity building strategies in the following countries: Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Panama and Uruguay.

Been a Long Time Coming: Social Entrepreneurship in Later Life: CSI Co-Directors Marcie Pitt-Catsouphes and Stephanie Berzin collaborated with to examine social innovation among older adults. View Report

Social Innovation State Policy Project: This research project addresses the way policy practice supports the development, implementation, and sustainability of social innovation. It examines how state governments use policy tools at the legislative and executive levels to help social innovation flourish.

Leading the Way: Social Innovation in Massachusetts: CSI Co– Director Marcie Pitt-Catsouphes along with faculty members at the Center for Social Innovation have worked together to complete this detailed report on social innovation and its practice occurring in Massachusetts. Twenty three socially innovative organizational leaders across the state were interviewed for this report. Click here to view the Providers Council Report

Social Innovation Lab Research Project: The Social Innovation Lab provides an opportunity to examine innovation readiness and change within social service organizations. Through observational, survey, and qualitative data, the Lab allows us to study the potential for innovation within existing agency structures.