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Boston College School of Social Work

Anne Leong PhD '17: Video


"Stephanie Berzin was my advisor when I graduated.  She was also my dissertation chair and she was the perfect person to help me figure out not just how to get through a PhD but also how to be a mom, and a person and all of those other things, so she approached it like I was a whole person, not just a student that stopped in her office sometimes...She was just the right person in that time of my life."


Research Interests: Early Childhood; Head Start/Early Childhood Education; The Child Welfare System/Child Protection Services; Immigrant and Refugee Families

Dissertation Topic: Engagement in Head Start Services Among Diverse Immigrant Familes 

Organization Affiliations: Society for Social Work and Research, Society for Research in Child Development, The Hill, Scholars Strategy Network, NGO Committee on the Status of Women, Sage Journals, National Head Start Association

Awards and Fellowships: Boston College PhD Fellowship, Carolyn Thomas Fellowship, Boston College Dissertation Support, The University of Pennsylvania Center for African Studies Summer Institute