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Boston College School of Social Work
LLI Program Overview

Associate Professor Rocio Calvo, Boston College Graduate School of Social Work

Associate Professor
Rocio Calvo

Explains how the Latino Leadership Initiative bolsters students' linguistic and cultural competencies to work with Latino communities.
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Claire Madden
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"I'm a mid-career professional and I worked mostly in international development in Africa for several years and was also a French teacher, and so I can attest to the fact that it's really important to be able to speak a foreign language to do a lot of jobs and there aren't very many Americans who do."

Claire Madden

Concentration: Children, Youth & Families
Specialized Practice Method: Clinical

Students from the first cohort in the Latino Leadership Initiative came together to talk about the value this program will have for them as social workers in understanding the cultural issues around working with Latino populations.  Learn more about the Latino Leadership Initiative »