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Boston College School of Social Work
Bishop Timothy Senior, a BCSSW Alum, on Servant Leadership

Bishop Timothy Senior

Auxiliary Bishop of Philadelphia Timothy Senior (MSW, MBA ’92) has adopted the mantra of servant leadership throughout his life work, from his role as Secretary of Catholic Human Services in Philadelphia to his current position as the rector of the city’s seminary. Read more on the Blog »

Leadership +

Andrea Cohen, MSW '84

Thinking Creatively about Senior Care

Andrea Cohen, MSW ’84, is dedicated to helping seniors age in place. As CEO of HouseWorks she has been a pioneer in private home care.  More about Thinking Creatively... »

Erin Gerber MSW ’09

'It's That Voice'

As a gender-based trainer/counselor in Thailand, Erin Gerber, MSW ’09, helped to empower refugees to find their voice.  More about 'It's That Voice' »

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The MSW/MBA Program, in cooperation with the MBA Program at the Boston College Carroll School of Management, involves three full-time years, one each in the foundation years of both schools, and the third incorporating joint class and field education.


The MSW/MBA Dual Degree Program was developed by the Boston College School of Social Work (BCSSW) and the Carroll Graduate School of Management (CGSOM). The purpose is to provide professionals with a unique knowledge base combining the skills and credentials of management and social work.

Students interested in the dual degree program must be admitted independently to the respective schools.


The program is designed to provide students with a unique combination of knowledge and skills in the behavioral and administrative sciences, with exceptional strength in management decision-making and leadership. In addition, specific objectives include:

  1. A strong common base of social work knowledge, advanced competence in one of two social work methods of intervention, and identification with the social work profession.
  2. Proficiency in the management functions of accounting, finance, computer information systems, marketing, operations management, social issues, and human resource management. Special emphasis and skill development in team-based organizational structures. Ability to lead strategically and to position an organization effectively for long-term growth and development in both profit and non-profit institutions.
  3. A strong commitment to social work values and humane professionalism, an understanding of the value system in the profit and non-profit sectors, and an awareness and capacity to confront the ethical dilemmas encountered in organizations.
  4. Knowledge and understanding of complex organizations, their development and transformation, and knowledge of behavioral and administrative sciences. Understanding of the decision-making process and competence in managerial decision making execution.
  5. To provide applied learning experiences with professional supervision through two appropriate field internships. The final year in Field will be supervised by an LICSW.

Course of Study

In broad outline, the course of study for the MSW/MBA dual degree calls for three years of study structured as follows:

Year 1: Complete the core curriculum at the School of Social Work, which includes a two-day per week field practicum.

Year 2: Complete the core curriculum at the Carroll Graduate School of Management. No field practicum is required in year two.

Summer between Year 2 & 3: Complete two Social Work electives.

Year 3: Complete the course requirements of each school—two core courses and one elective in CGSOM, three core courses and two electives in BCSSW. The remaining credit requirements are completed by a three-day per week social work field practicum (or student may begin the practicum in August for five days per week over four weeks and continue two days per week during the academic year).

Note: It is also possible to begin the MSW Program on a part-time basis, completing the first full-time MSW curriculum over two years, and thereby completing both degrees in four years.

The student is responsible for contacting the University's Office of Student Services to change school status during the course of study.

BCSSW requires 65 credits for the MSW degree and accepts 9 credit hours from the MBA program for elective credits. The CGSOM requires 56 credits for the MBA degree and accepts 12 credit hours from the MSW program for elective credits enabling the student to complete two full master's programs in three years. Dual degree students complete the requirements for both degrees with a total of 100 credits rather than 121 credits if taken independently.

BCSSW Field Placement

The student will work closely with an advisor and/or coordinator from BCSSW to discuss an appropriate practicum placement, which will provide opportunities for practice integration of social work and management knowledge and skills.

In lieu of the three-day per week placement in the third year, a student may apply for a Program Modification to spread the required 720 internship hours over a longer period of the calendar year.

Payment schedule

Year 1: Register through and pay tuition and fees of the school in which you enroll (typically BCSSW).

Year 2: Register through and pay tuition and fees of the second school (typically CGSOM).

Summer Between Year 2 & 3: Register through and pay tuition and fees to BCSSW.

Year 3 (Fall Semester): Register through and pay tuition and fees to CGSOM.

Year 3 (Spring Semester): Register through and pay tuition and fees to BCSSW.

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistantships are available to CGSOM students for the two semesters and one summer session in which they are enrolled. Assistantships and scholarships are merit-based awards and are made only at the time of admission. Applicants must indicate interest in receiving merit-based funding on the application.

Graduate Assistantships are available to BCSSW students only in the third year of the dual degree program. Applications are available through the BCSSW Admissions office in the latter half of the spring semester.

Administration Contacts

BCSSW: Tom Walsh, Associate Dean, McGuinn 133, 617-552-3338,
CGSOM: Shelley Burt, Head of Admissions, Fulton 315, 617-552-3920,
Maryellen Jordan, Head of Program Operations, 617-552-2327,

Field Placement Contact

Joe McLaughlin, Field Specialist, 617-552-0831,

MSW/MBA Information and Curriculum Plans 2017-2018 (PDF)