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Boston College School of Social Work
Professor Kerry Mitchell
MSW/PhD Student Dedicates Her Life's Work to Racial Healing

Melissa Bartholomew, MSW/PhD Student

In this Q&A, she places into context many of her life experiences and how they have brought her to Boston College; she talks about her project to develop a model for racial trauma healing for African Americans; and she explains why social work is so critically important to eradicating racism. More about Melissa and her work in this Q&A Blog┬╗

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Dual Degrees

If you would like to apply your MSW expertise outside the realm of social work practice or tailor your skills to a specific career goal, you may want to consider a dual degree. You can complete both degrees in significantly less time than it would take to earn them separately.

Social Work and Business Administration

The MSW/MBA program will give you a unique combination of knowledge and skills in behavioral and administrative sciences and exceptional strength in management decision-making and leadership.

Social Work and Law

The MSW/JD program will allow you to merge social work knowledge and intervention skills with legal knowledge and practice skills to better serve your clients or constituencies.

Social Work and Theology and Ministry

The MSW/MA in Theology and Ministry will help you integrate theological knowledge with theories and practice of social work. You will be uniquely qualified to meet both the pastoral and social needs of individuals, families, groups, and communities.