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Boston College School of Social Work
Issues + Evidence

Ruth McRoy, Donahue/DiFelice Endowed Professor of Social Work

An Inclusive Perspective

Ruth McRoy, Donahue/DiFelice Endowed Professor of Social Work, is recognized for her groundbreaking and innovative research in the areas of child welfare, adoption, and diversity.  More about An Inclusive Perspective »

Professor Margaret Lombe

From Research to Outreach

For renowned scholar and School of Social Work Professor Margaret Lombe, social work research is only as good as the lives it saves.  More about From Research to Outreach »

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Foundation Courses

Along with Field Education I, the following courses provide a theoretical, practice, policy, and research foundation for more advanced coursework:

  • Human Behavior and the Social Environment explores theories of individual development within the environmental context of families, groups, organizations, and communities.
  • Social Welfare System examines the history and nature of social welfare and the ideological, economic, and political contexts in which its policies and programs are created and administered.
  • Basic Skills: Clinical Practice develops your skills of therapeutic interviewing, assessment, and clinical interventions with individuals, families, and groups.
  • Basic Skills: Macro Practice introduces social change theories, conceptual frameworks, and core competencies fundamental to interventions with larger systems such as organizations and communities.
  • Diversity & Cross Cultural Issues focuses on individual, family, group, and system functioning, including intervention strategies to fight oppression and discrimination.
  • Research Methods teaches fundamental methods and data analysis, including principles of investigation, design, problem formulation, surveys, sampling, measuring, and hypothesis testing.