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Boston College School of Social Work
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Margaret Lombe

BC Students Join Lombe to Advise United Nations on Building Inclusive Cities

BCSSW Associate Professor Margaret Lombe had joined 20 other academics, government officials, non-profit executives, and social activists in Lima, Peru last Spring as part of an initiative convened by the United Nations (UN) to make recommendations on creating more inclusive cities across the world. This October, the team’s final report was presented to, and accepted by world governments during Habitat III, the organization’s conference on housing and sustainable urban development that took place in Quito, Ecuador.  More about BC Students Join... »

Professor and Louise McMahon Ahearn Chair James Lubben

'I'm a Dreamer'

Professor and Louise McMahon Ahearn Chair James Lubben talks about his love of flowers and how cultivation and nurturing translates to his teaching and relationships with his students.  More about 'I'm a Dreamer' »

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Professor Susan Tohn speaking to students in a classroom

Concentrations & Curriculum

Through our curriculum and your application of this knowledge based on your field placements, you will gain skills and experience in social work practice, policy, ethics, and research.

Your Foundation Courses will cover content on theories of human behavior, diversity, clinical and macro practice, research, and policy. You will select either clinical or macro practice and begin your Specialized Practice courses. As a final-year student you will choose a concentration. You will have the opportunity to take five elective courses to further customize your academic experience.

Within either specialized practice, you will select a concentration or you have the option to create an individualized field by combining courses from two concentrations. You can further individualize your program by choosing electives within the School of Social Work, Boston College, or a consortium formed with other universities.

Selected courses in the Latino Leadership Initiative program are taught in Spanish and bolster students' cultural and linguistic competencies to work with Latino communities in the U.S. and abroad.

Everything comes together in your final year of study, when your advanced practice and policy courses and your field placement will be based on your chosen concentration. Choose from:

Children, Youth & Families
Global Practice
Health & Mental Health
Older Adults & Families