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Boston College School of Social Work
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It takes more than good intentions to be an effective social worker. It takes evidence-based knowledge, field-tested skills, and a wealth of hands-on experience—the core components of our MSW Program.

Our empirically focused approach to social work makes us thoughtful leaders in the field. Our respected International Programs extend our reach and global impact. Accordingly, students in our PhD Program advance the fields of social welfare and social work.

Our Advising Center provides students with guidance and information whose focus is on integrating the full educational experience from entering our program through graduation and on to launching careers as professional social workers. We are committed to lifelong learning in our Continuing Education program.

If you have the passion to serve and the commitment to affect change, our curriculum will provide everything you need to build a strong academic foundation.


The faculty at Boston College School of Social Work embody the scientific method our institution brings to social work. Our faculty of excellent teachers, skilled researchers, and gifted practitioners provide the foundation of a dynamic community. Faculty members provide the link between research and practice to make sure that what students learn in the classroom is based on empirical evidence.

The proven methods, evidence-based knowledge, and hands-on experience of the faculty shape the study of social welfare and the practice of social work. Our global leadership in the field further extends our reach and impact.

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