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Boston College School of Social Work
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Lifetime Achievement Award

Professor Emerita Elaine Pinderhughes

Professor Emerita Elaine Pinderhughes received the Significant Lifetime Achievement in Social Work Education Award from the Council on Social Work Education. Watch video »

The Role of Diversity

Professor Emerita Elaine Pinderhughes and Vincent Rougeau, Dean of Boston College Law School

Professor Emerita Elaine Pinderhughes and Vincent Rougeau, Dean of Boston College Law School, discuss the role that diversity has played in their lives  Watch video »

Pinderhughes Diversity Lecture Series

Elaine Pinderhughes
Elaine Pinderhughes

The Pinderhughes Diversity Lecture Series honors the distinguished career of Professor Emeritus Elaine Pinderhughes, whose vision, voice, and compassion have enriched the Boston College School of Social Work since 1975.

Professor Pinderhughes was honored by the Council on Social Work Education with the Distinguished Lifetime Achievement in Social Work Education for her impact as a scholar, role model, and mentor to countless faculty and practitioners. Her 1989 textbook, Understanding Race, Ethnicity and Power: The Key to Efficiency in Clinical Practice, substantially changed the language of multiculturalism and human behavior in the practice arena and provided the rubric of culturally competent practice across human services disciplines.

In honor of the many accomplishments and contributions made by noted teacher and scholar, Professor Emerita Elaine Pinderhughes, we invite alumni, students and their friends and family to lend their support to the Elaine Pinderhughes Fellowship, a fund that provides financial aid assistance each year to outstanding African-American doctoral students at the Boston College School of Social Work.

To contribute to the Pinderhughes Fellowship Fund please visit: and click the GIVE link

Cia Verschelden, Executive Director of Institutional Assessment
Office of Academic Effectiveness, University of Central Oklahoma  
"Bandwidth Recovery: Reclaiming Cognitive Resources Lost to Poverty, Racism, and Other 'Differentisms'"
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Pam Cross, Journalist, News Reporter and Social Entrepreneur
"What Phenomenal Women Know"
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Elaine Pinderhughes, Professor Ermeritus at Boston College School of Social Work
Patricia Romney, Licensed Clinical and Organizational Psychologist at Romney Associates, Inc.
Vanessa Jackson, Soul Doula at Healing Circles.
"Understanding Power: 21st Century Human Services Imperitive"
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Salome Raheim, Dean and Professor at the University of Connecticut School of Social Work
"Race and Justice: From Analysis to Action"
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Mary Catherine Bateson, Writer and Cultural Anthropologist
"On the Work of Societal Healing: The Age of Active Wisdom"
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Christine Griffin, Executive Director, The Disability Law Center
"Diversity and Inclusion: When Will People with Disabilities Be Included?"
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Vincent D. Rougeau, Dean, Boston College Law School
"Reflections on Justice and Religious Diversity: Why Living Together Is Better than Apart"
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Dr. Jack Kirkland, Professor, George Warren Brown School of Social Work, Washington University in St. Louis
"The Black Masses—Permanently in Poverty—Slavery—Depression—Recession—as Far as the Eye Can See. Unless…:
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Dr. Usha George, Professor and Dean, Faculty of Community Services, Ryerson University, Toronto
"Immigrants and Refugees: Settlement Issues and Service Delivery Models"

Dr. Beverly Greene, PhD, ABPP, Professor of Psychology at St. John's University, NY
"Social Marginalization By and Between the Marginalized: What the Same Sex Marriage Debate Hath Wrought. Implications for Mental Health Providers."

Dr. Monica McGoldrick, Director of Multicultural Family Institute in Highland Park, New Jersey
"Culture Matters: But What Difference Does It Make?"

Dr. Nancy Boyd-Franklin, Clinical Psychology Professor, Rutgers University
"The Treatment of African American Clients and Families"