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Carroll School of Management

Co-curricular Programs

The Carroll School offers a variety of learning opportunities for students aimed at enhancing the academic experience. Below is a list of student clubs and organizations that sponsor programming of interest to Carroll School students. We strongly encourage students to get involved in these clubs and activities as well as student organizations that exist outside of the Carroll School.

Carroll School Clubs and Organizations

The Accounting Academy is an academic organization at Boston College run through the Carroll School of Management. Our goal is to provide students with guidance and networking opportunities in the Accounting and Business fields and to accomplish this goal we host numerous informational and networking events throughout the year.

Learn more about The Accounting Academy

The primary goal of the AHANA Management Academy is to prepare Boston College's AHANA (African, Hispanic, Asian, Native American) students for competitive, rewarding careers in all business fields. We week to assist students with the art of occupational networking and etiquette, while recognizing the unique challenges that are sometimes faced by AHANA professionals. The organization also provides a channel for students to meet recruiters and prominent AHANA alumni. AMA was not created as an exclusive outlet for AHANA students, but should instead serve as a supplement to resources already available to all BC students.

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BCPC provides a venue for students to learn about the stock market with a competitive edge. Students will compete in a 52 trading day competition following a series of pre-competition events, with $100,000 on the virtual stock exchange, The three-five teams with the highest portfolio value will prepare a presentation for a panel of judges; teams will be judged on the quality of their presentation and investment strategy.

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Consult Your Community is a student-run nonprofit that mobilizes and trains undergraduates to provide pro bono consulting services to low-income and minority-owned small businesses in college communities across America.

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The Consulting Club of Boston College (CCBC) strives to bring Consulting closer to the undergraduates of BC.

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BCES is Boston College's premier source for entrepreneurial information, education, resources, and networking. BCES works hard to put together programs at Boston College ranging from our monthly CEO Speaker Series, to our weekly Grindstone workshops, to our semesterly bootcamps. Our goal is to foster a family and a strong community of students that are passionate about being leaders and starting a venture that they can call their own.

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The Boston College Finance Academy is a student-run organization established to inform BC students of all of the opportunities available to them in the financial industries. In an effort to bring the academic and business worlds closer together, we organize a number of events and trips throughout the year. Current financial news, career planning and potential job placement are popular topics at each event. By encouraging students to take advantage of these opportunities, our organization serves as a valuable source of general information, advice and networking.

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The IS Academy is a student run organization at BC whose mission is to foster and grow student interest in the worlds of business and technology. We serve as a resource to Boston College students who are interested in pursuing careers in these industries and target our efforts towards building a stronger hub of innovation on campus. Aside from technology and career-related events, we help students immerse themselves in Boston's innovative community through weekly "TechTreks" to some of the city's best tech companies/startups and venture capital firms. 

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The Investment Banking / Sales & Trading Club helps prepare students interested in high-level corporate finance for the rigorous recruiting and interview process. This includes resume edits, mock interviews, lectures on both fit / technical aspects of interviews, and how to network at firm-wide presentations. The club provides a collaborative "class-room" style environment where the officers guide the students and prepare them in full for banking and trading recruiting and interviewing season. The goal is to successful get high-quality candidates to interviews, and ultimately to Wall Street where they will be better equipped to succeed.

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The Investment Club manages a portfolio of roughly $480,000 based on pitches and trades suggested by club members. The goal of the club is to further the understanding of the stock market through research and practice. The club also makes presentations to enhance knowledge of the markets and finance.

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The Latin American Business Club of Boston College is a student-ran organization at Boston College determined to educate and promote interest in Latin American business affairs.

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The Marketing Academy educates and prepares students in all aspects of the marketing field by providing the necessary knowledge, skills and tools they need to make informed strategic decisions in a rapidly changing, highly uncertain marketplace. Marketing is a highly dynamic discipline that thrives on change – changes in customer attitudes, purchasing behaviors, demographics; industries and competitors; technology; the economy; methods of distribution; and our society and culture. It is the driving force in building and sustaining meaningful and valuable customer relationships, creating and developing new markets, building differentiated brands, and creating successful public and private enterprises.

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The Boston College Real Estate Club's mission is to provide students with knowledge, leadership opportunities, and connections with industry professionals in the exciting field of real estate. Through our events and partnerships, we provide undergraduate students an avenue to pursue careers in commercial, residential, and brokerage real estate. It is our hope that by offering valuable experiences for our members we will prepare Boston College students to become leaders in a broad array of real estate roles.

Learn more about the Real Estate Club

Smart Woman Securities (SWS) is a national non-profit organization focused on educating undergraduate women about personal finance and investing. Through instructive seminars, mentoring initiatives, and meetings with successful investors such as Warren Buffett, SWS provides resources upon which women can build greater knowledge of the financial markets. By giving young women direct investment experience while still in college, SWS aims to empower a new generation of women investors for the future.

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The Sports Business Society is an organization focused on introducing students to the business of sports. It offers students the ability to interact in person with sports professionals, such as sports business executives, sports journalists, and front office staff. The organization looks to assist students who desire to enter the sports business industry.

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Start@Shea provides you with the unique opportunity to develop ideas, perfect skills, and meet like-minded students and innovators that work in the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

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It is the mission of the Student Business Consortium of Boston College to provide undergraduates of every major and class year the opportunity to work on academic projects for leading companies. The club is divided into 5 divisions: Accounting, Consulting, Finance, Marketing, and Social Entrepreneurship. Each division will encompass projects that reflect work done by the corporations in that field. At the conclusion of each project, students will travel to present their work to companies in their corporate offices in Boston and New York City. By offering projects that reflect real world work, SBC strives to help its members gain a greater understanding of the opportunities available in the various business disciplines. This also gives an opportunity for students to "learn by doing", as opposed to learning it in the classroom. The club is open to all undergraduate students at Boston College, and hopes to include members from every class year and undergraduate college.

Boston College Women in Business is an organization, network, and community of undergraduate female students dedicated to their empowerment and education. WIB is committed to the growth and expansion of professional and personal opportunities for its members, with a focus on business, leadership, and female celebration and innovation. Additionally, the group is devoted to helping students answer Father Himes' three crucial questions in the development of their vocation:  1) What brings me joy? 2) What am I good at? 3) Who does the world need me to be?

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