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Carroll School of Management


Hear what last year's Summer Catalyst cohort has to say about their summer in the Carroll School:



Portrait of Matt Westhoff

"Although I was initially anxious about the return on investment from the Catalyst program, it has proven to be a great resume builder and talking point in interviews. 

After completion of the program, I received a job offer from Oracle for a position within their sales department and interviewed with EY for a human capital consulting position and Textron for their HR rotational program. I never would've imagined that I would have been granted an opportunity to interview at these firms with my background, but the Catalyst Program seems to have helped me stand out among stacks of resumes."

- Matt Westhoff '15, Psychology and Political Science, Morrissey College of Arts & Sciences

"The Summer Management Catalyst Program has been instrumental in my job search. My participation in the program led me to a newfound interest in finance. After completion of the program, I was able to continue my finance coursework this fall in the Carroll School by enrolling in a Corporate Finance class. 

In the fall, I interviewed with roughly 20 different firms and received offers from Liberty Mutual and NewStar Financial. I recently accepted an offer at NewStar Financial as a member of their Analyst Class for 2015. 

I honestly believe I would not have received these job offers if I hadn't participated in the Catalyst Program. The foundational course work in finance and accounting has been helpful in all of my interviews, especially technical ones."

- Erica Wilson '15, Economics, Morrissey College of Arts & Sciences

“In the past year, the value of the Catalyst program and its role in giving my theater degree wheels in the business world has become abundantly evident.  I’m going to be working directly for Dan Gilbert in Detroit, executing the creation of a performing arts center downtown that I pitched.  It’s an awesome, dream fulfilling opportunity that has involved a lot of luck and circumstance.  That said, I would never have been in the conversation had it not been for the path I set down with Catalyst and the skills that I learned.”

- Nick Robinson ’16, Theatre, Morrissey College of Arts & Sciences

Portrait of Jim Fiore

"The knowledge I gained from the Summer Management Catalyst Program goes well beyond the classroom learning. The networking tips I picked up from the career counseling portion of the program are invaluable and I am using them constantly as I am searching for an internship this semester. I made a ton of contacts at the events that were organized for the program and I am continuing to make new contacts using the tips I learned over the course of the summer. Before Catalyst I would see a flyer for an information session and I'd be hesitant about attending because I was unsure if I would know what to do or how to act. 

Following my summer in the program, I received a handful of intereviews and each interviewer asked about the Summer Catalyst Program. It's a great talking point that allows me to demonstrate interest and background knowledge in the business world. The Summer Management Catalyst Program made me feel more confident going to interviews because I have the ability to better articulate my interests and skill set, which makes a huge difference. 

- James Fiore '15, Economics and Mathematics, Morrissey College of Arts & Sciences