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Carroll School of Management

Viewpoints on the Program

M. H. Safizadeh, Professor, Operations & Management

Teaching in the Honors Program has been one of the most pleasant and rewarding experiences of my academic career. Every fall semester, I look forward to meeting another group of outstanding students.  They are without exception bright, studious, and
highly motivated to learn. Their sense of curiosity and willingness to tackle complex issues allow me to teach my course at an advanced level. Because they quickly grasp the course materials, my pedagogy takes advantage of Harvard case studies that are written for graduate courses. I walk away from every class session feeling completely satisfied with the students’ participation and our discussions. Despite their friendly competition to set the performance standard in exams and case analyses, the students espouse a strong team spirit and help each other with their projects. It is truly a joy to teach self-motivated students who aspire to excel in all their endeavors. I feel fortunate for being affiliated with the Honors Program and the opportunity to get to know and teach some of our very best students.

Mike Ascione '93, Finance Managing Dir., Berkshire Partners

I had a terrific experience at BC and am a big supporter of my alma mater. I was invited into the Honors Program after my freshman year, and for the remainder of my education, I gained a more rigorous academic experience than I would have had otherwise. I was led by a talented faculty and was surrounded by 25 other students with exceptional intellect, curiosity, and personal drive. The Honors Program fostered a team spirit that challenged us to work together and harder.

On campus, I also participated in the student government and directed the tour guide program for the Student Admission Program. These programs, along with other student activities within and outside of the Honors Program, helped to shape me as an individual.

After graduation, my first job was with Goldman Sachs in the financial analyst program. Undoubtedly, the Honors Program prepared me academically to succeed alongside my colleagues from Harvard, Yale, and Stanford. Of equal importance was the confidence I gained from the leadership initiatives, community service programs, and overall environment at Boston College. The experience truly helped round me out as an individual.

Billy Soo, Associate Professor, Accounting

I always enjoy teaching Honors students. They come to class prepared, are highly motivated, and learn the material quickly. What else can you ask for? As a teacher, I really appreciate the fact that they are willing to rise to challenges. I teach the introductory financial accounting course, but because the students pick up the material so quickly, we are able to cover more topics in-depth and explore more complicated subjects. It is a pleasure to have a class full of students who genuinely want to learn and are willing to push themselves. They bring out the best in me and in each other.

What impresses me most about the Honors class is how much they care for and support each other. They applaud each other’s success and are willing to help each other. Their camaraderie is what makes them a really special group.

Jennifer Fo '09, Finance & Accounting

The Honors Program has been the key to my experience at Boston College. The Program surrounds me with the challenge and support
of the brightest, most ambitious students in the Carroll School of Management. We move each other to reach and exceed our potential through competition and collaboration. The Honors Program curriculum and our professors drive us to think in new ways beyond our comfort zone. This stimulating environment continually compels me to seek not just the “how’s,” but also the “why’s.”

The Program members’ inquisitive natures inspire new educational initiatives to continuously improve this organization. As a member of the Speaker Series Committee, I am committed to bringing the knowledge of individuals with real-world experiences to the Program members. My goal is for students to have the opportunity to explore possibilities we may not necessarily be exposed to in the classroom.

Most importantly, the Program encourages us to be active participants both in the classroom and the BC community. As a freshman, I joined the Boston College Dance Ensemble and have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with thirty very talented and diverse individuals. I also had the privilege of serving Boston College as an Orientation Leader for incoming freshmen, during the summer. I was so fortunate to be one of the first people to welcome the class of 2011 and their families to the Boston College community. Next semester, I will have the opportunity to study abroad at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology through a Boston College exchange program. Although I will miss BC, I look forward to the chance to broaden my horizons.

Christine Reynolds '80, Executive Vice President & CEO, Fidelity Pricing and Cash Management Services

Joining the Carroll School of Management Honors Program was a way to challenge myself academically at BC. The Program allowed me access to better professors and more advanced courses than those offered through the standard undergraduate program. For example, the Dean of the School of Management taught us an advanced statistics course and I completed a senior year thesis with a Graduate Business School professor. Most importantly, it introduced me to a great group of fellow honor students who were bright, focused and ambitious. Three of them ended up being my roommates as well!

The Honors Program helped me in preparing for a career in Public Accounting as many of its members had followed a similar path and could give me advice on what to expect in the “real world.” My participation in the Program impressed potential employers demonstrating my desire to seek challenges and an ability to be successful in tackling them. I’m sure it was also helpful in launching my career with Coopers and Lybrand. My experience reinforced for me the benefit of always pushing your limits in life.