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Carroll School of Management

The Admission Process

Admission to the Carroll School Honors Program is strictly by invitation.  All four undergraduate schools at Boston College have their own honors programs that vary in breadth and structure.  Through the Admissions Office at Boston College, students are selected for the honors program of the school to which they apply.  The Admissions Committee selects students based on high school coursework, recommendations, SAT scores, class rank, and personal essays.

Students accepted into the Carroll School of Management are invited into the Honors Program based on their high school academic performance, scholarship promise, extracurricular involvement, and potential to contribute to the program.  Each class generally has between thirty-five and forty Honors Program members.  In the Spring, Admitted Eagles Day for Honors students allows potential freshman to make a trip to BC and see what the program is all about.  A smaller number of students who demonstrate the above qualifications are invited to apply halfway through their freshman year.  These students undergo a vigorous application and interview process before being selected into the Program.

For more information, please contact Ethan Sullivan, Honors Program Director at

For information regarding general admisions, please visit /admission/undergrad/.