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Carroll School of Management


Students in the Carroll School Honors Program enjoy many benefits, both academic and social. With class sizes capped near forty, honors sections of the core curriculum afford students the opportunity to meet in an intimate setting with some of the best tenured professors at Boston College. Students find this experience challenging and rewarding as they are able to interact with both professors and students in their smaller class sizes. The Honors Program also augments the Carroll School's core requirements with three additional requirements. The first is Business & Professional Speaking, a course that teaches students the principles and practices of communicating in the business world. The second is Applied Statistics which takes students' quantitative analysis to a further level, promoting active thinking and reasoning over the simple application of principles. The third is the Senior Thesis. The Thesis involves an in-depth inquiry on a current issue regarding the financial world.

Given the intimate setting the Honors Program affords, it is not uncommon for students and faculty to interact extensively. Students form personal and academic relationships with both their peers and professors in an environment that emphasizes learning and understanding. One-on-one discussions with professors after class and during office hours are common and expected. Many students assist professors with research projects and work with former professors on their Senior Thesis. The continuous interaction between students and faculty provides the opportunity for students to perform at a higher level in and out of the classroom.