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Carroll School of Management

Venture Competitions

2016 Venture Competition Winners

2016 Venture Competition Winners, Social Enterprise Track - Purple Parachute


Elevator Pitch Competition

Got an idea that will rock the world? Here’s your chance to get the coin to get started! Apple, Microsoft, Dell, Facebook – they were all founded by students. BC alumni have consistently been involved in high-impact ventures ranging from the founding of Netscape to the creation of the iPod.

At the Elevator Pitch Competition each team will prepare a 60 second pitch for their business idea and will present it in front of a panel of experienced entrepreneurs and Venture Capitalists, who will determine the best pitches. Cash prizes will be given to the winners. It’s just as easy, and fun, as it sounds.

Watch the 2015 Competition Video here.

  • Crowd Favorite & Best Overall Pitch: DarkRoom
    Theo Chapman '17
    Today, the print industry is experiencing a major resurgence as consumers are increasingly taking art off their devices and into their lives in physical form. Unfortunately, there are roadblocks that still discourage photographers from capitalizing: finding the right marketplace, the right customer, and, above all, the financial risk. The answer--Darkroom--is a web-based platform that enables anyone to sell prints with the same quality and economies of scale as an elite photographer, with no cost or risk.
  • Best Service: VenU
    Dan Marino '19
    VenU Entertainment is a SaaS company focused on creating better experiences for fans in all sectors of live entertainment and at the same time increase brand engagement and increase value per fan. Our innovative platform utilizes the pre, during, and post event/service release periods to provide fans a more immersive and customizable experience, and in turn, content/experience providers gain verified, targeted, and specific big data back. Currently, VenU is a Delaware C corp (incorporated last May), a team of 4 students, and currently in development.  
  • Social Impact: BusWays
    Pedro De Almeida Rosa Guimaraes '20
    BusWays is an app for parents that monitors the school bus and notifies parents when the child gets on and off the bus. While for schools BusWays serves as an administrative/security app where Schools can gather data and statistics on their bus fleet. 
  • Crowd Favorite & Best Overall Pitch: EchoMe
    Anders Bill '17
    EchoMe is an iOS application that enables two or more users to play a song at the exact same time. We have successfully built an alpha application that synchronizes a local audio file to play over multiple iOS devices. In the next 3 months time, we are pushing towards our next milestone, a fully integrated and featured 3rd party application for Spotify. Visit to learn more!
  • Best Product: ExoWear
    Stephen Cheng '16
    Exo Spine is a smart wearable device that consists of a posture control unit and a back support unit that can dynamically change based on your position to maximize comfort and effectiveness. Our product will only provide support when needed, thus providing the user the mobility to freely move around when inactive. Our goal is to promote healthy posture by helping people sit and stand correctly without being restricted.

  • Best Service: ModilMe
    Elyse Bush '16
    ModilMe is an on campus clothing service that delivers items door-to-door. Students can use the site to make money, or diversify their wardrobe.

  • Social Impact: Xperii
    Daniel Williams '16
    XperiiXperii is a revolutionary system designed to bring together researchers with subjects. Both efficient and effective, Xperii enables rare subject pools for researchers, while also helping participants earn money in their spare time. With a website and mobile app, Xperii is on a mission to make a global contribution to science. 

Venture Competition

2017 Venture Competition:

Application is open! 
- Application will open March 2, 2017
- Application will close April 2, 2017 at 11:59PM
- Semi-final judging will occur Monday, April 24
- Final judging will occur Tuesday, May 2
*New this year! Final judging round will be open to the public! All are welcome to listen to teams pitch to a panel of judges!
- Winners will be announced at the Shea Center Year End Celebration on May 2nd at 6:30PM in the Heights Room

The Venture Competition@Shea is a university-wide business plan competition designed to promote and support entrepreneurship at Boston College. With mentoring from experienced alumni and faculty, students develop and implement the skills necessary to start successful businesses. Several sessions throughout the year offer additional coaching and advice from entrepreneurs, law partners, venture capitalists, and other executives.

Business plans are submitted for judging and finalists are chosen to present their plans to a panel of judges consisting of executives and entrepreneurial experts. Cash prizes are awarded - winner will receive $15,000, runner-up will receive $7,500 and social impact will receive $7,500.  Many participants have gone on to leverage their ideas and learning to launch and grow real businesses. 

Read more about the 2016 winners here.

*Teams are only eligible to win one prize.

Traditional Business Track:

1st Place: EchoMe
EchoMe is a mobile application that gives you the ability to stream music from any streaming service to friends and followers and allows them to collaborate with you. You can listen to your favorite athletes, artists, or best friends in real-time. 

Team Members:

  • Anders Bill '17, Morrissey College of Arts & Sciences
  • Michael Gordon '16, Morrissey College of Arts & Sciences
  • Christian Nicholson '15, Carroll School of Management 
  • Jeffrey Sabo '15, Morrissey College of Arts & Sciences
2nd Place: Xperii
Xperii is a software platform that reduces the inefficiency in subject recruitment by linking people with the research studies they are interested in through an automatic process, and handles subject management and data through the end of the study. 
Team Members:
  • Daniel Williams '16, Carroll School of Management
  • Evan Ehrenberg, MIT
  • Cynthia Chen, Brown University
Social Enterprise Track:

1st Place: Purple Parachute
Purple Parachute is a social enterprise that aims to connect the needs of children in the US to those of children living as refugees. In a reformed BOGO model, our subscription service sells creative play kits and supports play in refugee camps. 

Team Members:
  • Megan Greeley '16, Morrissey College of Arts & Sciences
  • Christina Stellingwerf '16, Morrissey College of Arts & Sciences
  • Colleen White '17, Carroll School of Management Graduate Programs 
2nd Place: TradeRoutes
TradeRoutes is a for-profit social enterprise whose mission is to improve classroom engagement and provide teachers with open access to the best teaching content and tools. Our K12 social studies teaching platform brings history to life. 

Team Members:
  • Adam Minuto '16, Carroll School of Management
  • Ryan Dontas '16, Morrissey School of Arts & Sciences
  • Ryan Lee '16, Lynch School of Education


1st Place: CoRe Hub
CoReHub is a commercial real estate marketplace that connects buyers & sellers using GPS based listings and advanced searching options such as square footage, price, and location. Users can effortlessly save, share, and compare properties.

Team Members:

  • Chris Castro '15, Morrissey College of Arts & Sciences
  • Matt Burke '15, Carroll School of Management
  • Gaetan Daphnis '15, Carroll School of Management
  • Doug Bent '15, Morrissey College of Arts & Sciences
  • Emaad Ali '19, Morrissey College of Arts & Sciences

2nd Place: Helpers
Helpers is an application-based platform that connects tutors and tutees to increase the efficiency in the tutoring service market. The application is built upon the function of instant and in-advance tutoring sessions’ scheduling.

Team Members:

  • Xiaojie Li '17, Morrissey College of Arts & Sciences
  • Sunny Luo '15, Morrissey College of Arts & Sciences
  • Jianing Wu '17, Morrissey College of Arts & Sciences
  • Andrew Ferdowsian '16, Morrissey College of Arts & Sciences

3rd Place: 1950 Collective
1950 Collective creates high quality, sophisticated, and sleek fandom apparel designed by the co-founders and artists and also donate 10% of profits to a different women empowerment organization each month.

Team Members:

  • Angela Jin '17, Carroll School of Management
  • Nishiki Maredia, University of Texas at Austin, class of 2017



Winner: Nxt4
Aimed at revolutionizing the college admission process, Nxt4 offers personalized checklists for financial aid, an interactive 4 year running resume for students and an interface for students to network with high school and college admission counselors.

Team Members:

  • Christian Nicholson '15, Carroll School of Management
  • Michael Bryant '15, Carroll School of Management
  • Nicholas Casale '15, Carroll School of Management
  • Peter Barfield, Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government
  • Amy Jeffrey, Harvard University, class of 2015



Winner: Phyre
A company that manufactures and markets a portable data device designed to deliver sales and conference presentations seamlessly to televisions and display screens.

Team Members:

  • Matt Ricketson '13, Morrissey College of Arts & Sciences
  • Patrick Allen '13, Morrissey College of Arts & Sciences
  • Joshua Jackson '13, Carroll School of Management



Winner: NBD Nano
Created an enhanced condensation technology for HVAC, heat exchangers, power plants, desalination plants and dehumidifiers.

Team Members:

  • Mike Galvez '12, Morrissey College of Arts & Sciences
  • Deckard Sorensen '12, Morrissey College of Arts & Sciences


Social Enterprise Competition

Social entrepreneurship focuses on identifying a social problem and using entrepreneurial principles to establish a venture aimed at fostering social change. Originally established as a separate competition by five students at Boston College in 2011, the Social Enterprise Competition has now been established as a specialized track of the Venture Competition. It combines the fundamentals of entrepreneurship with the Jesuit ideals of “men and women for others” by providing an avenue for students looking to found social ventures.


1st Place: Include-Play-Learn
This group developed a financially sustainable center that will provide accessibility for children with disabilities while also reducing cultural stigmatization.

Team Members:

  • Daniel Lundberg '16, Lynch School of Education
  • Esme Condon '16, Carroll School of Management
  • Lucas Allen '16, Morrissey College of Arts & Sciences

2nd Place: Boston Foods

Boston Foods, a market-based and self-sustaining hunger-relief program, which reduces the cost of providing healthy meals by eliminating some intermediaries, organizing volunteers for packing and delivery,  and targeting families in need.

Team Members:

  • Maz Reik '17, Morrissey College of Arts & Sciences
  • Michael Gauch '17, Carroll School of Management
  • Sarah Kennedy '17, Morrissey College of Arts & Sciences
  • Cara Kennedy, Harvard University, class of 2017
  • Jake Levin, Harvard University, class of 2016

3rd Place: Noggin
Noggin, a software application that provides a mobile assistive communications solution to disabled individuals

Team Members:

  • Muhan Zhang '15, Carroll School of Management
  • Francisco Mantica '15, Morrissey College of Arts & Sciences
  • Nicholas Shamlian '16, Carroll School of Management


Winner: GEMA Global Enterprise for Medical Advancement
Mobile app to provide medical solutions and information in West Africa

Team Members:

  • Loic Assombo '15, Morrissey College of Arts & Sciences