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Ted Turner

founder, turner broadcasting, vice chairman, time warner

Ted Turner







Our Common Future

If there’s one thing predictable about a Ted Turner speaking engagement, it’s that it will be unpredictable. The media magnate and billionaire has been described as "courageous, outrageous, but also bold and visionary, at times in the same breath," said Bain and Co. Chairman Orit Gadiesh, as she introduced Turner to a packed house of business executives including CEO’s of many Massachusetts companies at the Chief Executives Club of Boston yesterday. Turner blasted NATO’s bombing of Serbia in a free wheeling speech. "We spent the last 20 to 30 years trying to improve our relationships with those two countries for our own safety and the safety of this planet, and those relationships are being severely tested, to say the very least." "I think we ought to cut the best deal we can and turn it over to the United Nations, where it should have been to start with, and get out before we do any more damage," Turner said.

Story ran in Boston Herald on May 1, 1999.