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Richard C. Notebaert

chairman & ceo, qwest communications intl.

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Richard C. Notebaert addresses the Boston College Chief Executives' Club of Boston in the Wharf Room at the Boston Harbor Hotel.

The Spirit of Service

This is an era of big initiatives and bold plans all across the communications landscape. Our industry is redefining itself. Do you think of Google as a phone company? How about eBay? The fact is they're in the same business we're in these days. So what we used to think of as the telecommunications industry is now better defined as the communications industry. And the participants in that industry will continue to evolve.

The Justice Department last week ok'd AT&T's acquisition of Bell South. In essence, these giant mergers gave both Verizon and SBC what they badly needed- access to a long-haul network to complement their regional facilities. Level 3 had just bought Broadwing, the fourth acquisition in their recent shopping spree. Suffice it to say that everyone is talking to everyone- and that further alignments are a pretty safe bet.

(left to right) William Green (CEO, Accenture), Joseph Tucci (President & CEO, EMC Corp.), Richard Notebaert (Chairman & CEO, Qwest Communications), and Peter Lynch (Vice Chairman, Fidelity) meet and discuss at the luncheon.

We're honored to call Massachusetts a Qwest customer. And we're proud to also serve such outstanding organizations as John Hancock and Akamai. We acquired a company called OnFiber. Here in Boston alone, that acquisition more than doubled our capacity to serve business customers.

Mr. Notebaert answers questions from the press.

True convergence- carrying all services including data and voice, integrated on a single network- is not really here yet. But it will be- and we're already enjoying some early examples of what lies ahead. But it will be- and we're already enjoying some early examples of what lies ahead. So while the big guys are figuring out how all their piece-parts fit together- we'll stay laser-focused on looking at everything through the eyes of customers.

Excerpts from Richard Notebaert's address
Tuesday, October 24, 2006