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James H. Keyes

chairman & ceo, johnson controls, inc.

James Keyes








Technology: The Driver of Manufacturing Productivity and Growth

James H. Keyes, the chief executive officer of Milwaukee-based Johnson Controls Inc. and chairman of the National Association of Manufacturers voiced concern to the Chief Executives' Club of Boston luncheon audience on June 7 over the fact that the Senate is sitting on House-approved legislation for expanded trade with China, which if delayed could affect the ability of US manufacturers to compete. "The Senate has turned out to be much more difficult of an obstacle than anyone had expected with new threats of a filibuster and an apparent desire on the part of the Republican leadership to put off a vote on permanent normal trade relations until after all 13 appropriations bills have been passed into law," he said. "If we don't extend China the same permanenet normal trade relations treatment that every other World Trade Organization member is going to give them, we won't get the full benefits and will lose the market to our competitors," Keyes concluded.

Story ran in the Boston Globe on June 8, 2000.