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James P. Kelly

chairman & ceo, united parcel service of america, inc.

James Kelly






From Lip Service to Real Service: Reversing America's Downward Service Spiral

James P. Kelly, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of United Parcel Service of America, was the keynote speaker before an audience of chairmen and presidents at a luncheon of the Chief Executives' Club of Boston on January 15. Kelly said that UPS has made significant strides since striking Teamsters crippled ground delivery operations. "Right now, we are looking at significant growth in the worldwide logistics business, with projections of 40 to 45 percent next year." "Logistics means we are doing much more than package delivery," added Kelly. "It involves inventory, warehousing, inbound transportation, and helping customers with boat, truck, and plane cargo loads." Kelly who has made service quality a major focus at UPS was commended yesterday by members of the Chief Executives' Club of Boston for his firm's efforts at improving the quality of service offered to their customers and the community at large.