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Charles O. Holliday Jr.

chairman & ceo, e.i. du pont de nemours & co.

Charles Holliday







The Value and Promise of Biotechnology

In a speech to Boston College’s Chief Executives Club of Boston, DuPont’s Chief Executive Charles Holliday took the offensive in the controversy over genetically modified plants and foods, declaring that "we can do wondrous things" for mankind with biotechnology. DuPont plans to respond to growing public fears of genetically altered foods by forming an advisor panel of opinion leaders to serve as a biotechnology watchdog. He said the panel, to be in place by January 1, will monitor the company’s biotechnology efforts and issue regular public reports "to give consumers confidence that this technology is being handled properly." The debate over biotechnology should be expanded to weigh its benefits and risks, Mr. Holliday said.

Story ran in the Wall Street Journal on September 23, 1999.