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John T. Chambers

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Cisco Systems, Inc.

The Emerging and ‘Collaborative Revolution’


On Friday, June 11, at the Chief Executives' Club of Boston, John T. Chambers, chairman and chief executive officer of Cisco Systems, Inc., talked about how Cisco has weathered the global economic slowdown, and the importance of change. William Swanson, chairman and chief executive officer of Raytheon Company, introduced Chambers. 


“When we don’t change, as Route 128 found out in high tech, we get left behind.” READ TRANSCRIPT AND VIEW VIDEO »

“Every time we’ve gone into an economic downturn, we’ve come out of it dramatically stronger.” READ TRANSCRIPT AND VIEW VIDEO »

“Every mistake I’ve made as a leader has been because I moved too slow. Never once because I moved too fast.” READ TRANSCRIPT AND VIEW VIDEO »

“While I’d like to tell you the major [future] challenge here is technology, it is not. The major challenge is changing process.” READ TRANSCRIPT AND VIEW VIDEO »


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Mr. Chambers speaks with Robert Kraft (Owner, New England Patriots) and Peter Lynch (Vice Chairman, Fidelity).
The room is crowded with the top CEOs in Boston.
Mr. Chambers meets with members of the media following his remarks