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Robert Dudley

Chief Executive Officer

The Largest Oil Spill Response in History

Robert Dudley, BP board director and executive vice president, the Americas and Asia, BP plc, discussed the company's efforts to “shut down the well [in the Gulf of Mexico] ... contain the oil spill, and clean it up” at the Chief Executives' Club of Boston on Thursday, May 6. Eric Slifka, president and chief executive officer of Global Partners LP, introduced Dudley.

Take aways

“There is no doubt that this event will change the offshore industry forever around the globe.” READ TRANSCRIPT AND VIEW VIDEO »

“We’re working with the Coast Guard, and at the state and community level, to fight the spill on three broad fronts: fighting to control the oil at the seabed, fighting to tackle the offshore oil, and fighting to protect the shoreline.” READ TRANSCRIPT AND VIEW VIDEO »

“We’re hopeful this containment [dome] will work. We’ve got efforts to still further close those blowout preventers. But if we need to drill that relief well … our estimate is ... roughly 90 days. We could be looking at a spill of 5,000 barrels a day, up until that point, in what I think is a worst [case] scenario.” READ TRANSCRIPT AND VIEW VIDEO »

“We know that we will be judged by the quality of our response, and are determined to succeed. Together with the government, our industry, and the community, we will get this job done.” READ TRANSCRIPT AND VIEW VIDEO »

Press coverage

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Reuters (via CNBC): “Gulf spill will 'forever' change drilling: BP exec”

Associated Press (via WBZ News): “BP exec hopeful on Gulf spill containment”

Boston Globe: “BP vows ultimate effort” READ ARTICLE »

WBUR Radio: “BP exec: Gulf accident could be bigger than Exxon Valdez”

Boston Herald: “At BC event, Gulf spill a slippery subject” READ ARTICLE »

Key Table (clockwise, from bottom left): Edmund Kelly (Chairman, President & CEO, Liberty Mutual), The Honorable Thomas M. Menino (Mayor, City of Boston), Robert DeMartini (President & CEO, New Balance), Joe Kennedy (Chairman, Citizens Energy), Mike Sheehan (Chief Executive Officer, Hill Holliday), John Kaneb (Chairman, HP Hood), Patrick Prevost (President & CEO, Cabot Corp.), Joseph Grimaldi (Chief Executive Officer, Mullen), Joseph Petrowski (Chief Executive Officer, Cumberland Farms - Gulf Oil), Ronald Sargent (Chairman & CEO, Staples), Eric Slifka (President & CEO, Global Partners)
Members of the media crowd around Mr. Dudley following his remarks.