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Robert Greifeld

President and CEO NASDAQ OMX Group, Inc.

On the road to economic recovery

At the Chief Executives’ Club of Boston on Tuesday, September 22, Robert Greifeld, president and chief executive officer of NASDAQ OMX Group, Inc., talked with some 300 Boston-area business leaders about about signs of current economic recovery, including initial public offerings (IPOs), as well as two issues that will affect future economic recovery: international trade and financial services reform. Robert Reynolds, chairman, president, and CEO of Putnam Investments, introduced Greifeld.


“The good news is that [the recent lack of significant IPO activity] appears to be changing as we stand here.” VIEW TRANSCRIPT AND VIDEO »

“My personal opinion is [that] VC-backed companies listing for the first time are the true positive for our economy." VIEW TRANSCRIPT AND VIDEO »

“Efforts to move towards protectionism will only hurt companies that are generating jobs for American workers today.” VIEW TRANSCRIPT AND VIDEO »

“Trade policies [and] financial services re-regulation are necessary to continue to create the crucible that allows innovation to happen.” VIEW TRANSCRIPT AND VIDEO »


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event photos

From left to right: Sean Healey (President & CEO, Affiliated Managers Group); Robert Greifeld (President & CEO, NASDAQ OMX Group); Ned Johnson (Chairman, Fidelity)


Members of the media crowd around Mr. Greifeld following his remarks.