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David J. O'Reilly

Chairman and CEO, Chevron Corporation

Energy Security: Taking the Long View

On Thursday, May 7, David J. O'Reilly, chairman and chief executive officer of Chevron Corporation, spoke at the Chief Executives’ Club of Boston to some 300 Boston-area business leaders about energy security, which he believes is critical to “the long-term stability and success of America’s economy.” Thomas J. May, chairman, president, chief executive officer, and trustee of NSTAR, introduced O'Reilly.


“[Renewables] show strong promise, and yet we will need to rely on traditional fuels for quite some time to come.” VIEW TRANSCRIPT AND VIDEO »

“Seeking [carbon] reductions, without any realistic plan to replace that energy, is a straight path back to a pre-industrial economy—and a standard of living that goes with it.” VIEW TRANSCRIPT AND VIDEO »

“Alternatives depend on innovation, and innovation depends on growth and open economies.” VIEW TRANSCRIPT AND VIDEO »


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David O'Reilly, Chairman & CEO of Chevron Corporation, addresses The Chief Executives' Club of Boston.
Speakers' Table, clockwise from bottom left: Edmund Kelly, Chairman, President & CEO, Liberty Mutual; Joseph Kennedy, Chairman, Citizens Energy; John Fish, President & CEO, Suffolk Construction; John Kaneb, Chairman, President & CEO, HP Hood; Ellen Zane, President & CEO, Tufts Medical Center; Ronald Sargent, Chairman & CEO, Staples; Robert DeLeo, Speaker of the House, Massachusetts House of Representatives; Robert Kraft, Owner, New England Patriots;Thomas May, Chairman, President & CEO, NSTAR
Mr. O'Reilly meets with members of the press following his remarks.