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Richard Brown

chairman & ceo, electronic data systems

Dick Brown







Corporate Trust in a Time of Flux and Uncertainty

Following an introduction by Dan Burnham, the Chairman & CEO of the Raytheon Company, EDS CEO Dick Brown addressed a full house at The Chief Executives' Club of Boston today and answered a wide gamut of questions while talking about some of his firm's successes, and the challenges remaining ahead. Responding to inquiries about how EDS revenues grew 12 percent to $21.5 billion, and profits jumped as well, Brown stated that the nice thing about last year was we had balanced growth across 90 percent of EDS's enterprise. The IT services market is exploding with opportunity. It's a half-a-trillion-dollar industry. There's not a business or government I know that does not need some or all of what we do.

When asked if EDS would offer new security technologies to help the government fend of terrorist attacks, Brown responded by saying that back in 1998, it was EDS biometric technology that was put in Ben Gurion Airport (in Israel), the most difficult airport in the world for security and that technology is only very, very sparingly in use in US airports and there should be much more.

Replying to "how vocal EDS has been in fighting off hundreds of hack attempts every day" , Brown replied…this is our business, and I think people need to know what our capabilities are, and they have to have trust in us.

This is how we got in business 40 year ago, protecting information. Look, with terrorism, cyber-terrorism, they know who we are. We're not trying to flaunt ourselves talking about this. But we are trying to let people know we are always on guard.

This story ran in the Boston Globe on Sunday, March 17, 2002.