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Carroll School of Management Graduate Programs

Military and MBA programs

The Carroll School of Management attracts its fair share of military and is thrilled with their leadership prospects.

Military going back to school
Military and MBA programs

October 6, 2011

Talk with military within the Carroll School of Management program and it is clear why military experience is excellent training for business leadership.  Military officers work long hours, they often lead at a young age, they are self-sufficient, self managed and often come from scientific, engineering backgrounds.


Across the U.S. and abroad, the military has become a growing market for MBA programs.  In the U.S., part of this is the G.I. Bill, a legislation that helps veterans from the Gulf War get a college degree by covering the tuition.  Additionally, many schools, including the Boston College Carroll School of Management waive application fees to the military and many, like the Carroll School also have programs specifically targeting the military in place.  Boston College participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program for US Military Veterans and awards up to $5,000 to 30 students each academic year.  Boston College also has the Boston College Veterans Club. This organization helps military veterans on the BC campus transition to civilian life through networking events, resume workshops, and guest speakers.


Corporations and nonprofit organizations are also getting involved.  This year, Credit Suisse launched a program supporting military entering MBA programs in fall 2011.  The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), has also made considerable efforts to help military gain access to MBA programs by educating prospective students about tuition waivers and about how to select an appropriate business program. The GMAC started operation MBA five years ago and invested heavily in opening doors with the military. Camp Victory and Camp Phoenix were launched in Iraq and Afghanistan and created tests sites for the GMAT exam opened directly on these sites.


Dave Wilson is president and CEO of the GMAC. He says MBA programs are now discovering that the best candidates they will find are in the military. “These candidates are efficient, they are focused, mature and have life experience nobody else has. They have also managed logistical stuff that will stun most managers and will work very, very hard.  They are wonderful candidates to bring into a program.”


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