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Carroll School of Management Graduate Programs

Edith Hotchkiss

Faculty Profile


"I teach advanced topics in corporate finance, and I draw heavily on my research expertise, especially in corporate restructuring and debt markets. It’s a rapidly changing area, so both the course material and the research are constantly being updated.

"You don’t teach this material just by lecturing. You’re guiding students through a case study, helping them discover on their own why a situation played out the way it did. It’s not about learning a static model and applying it the rest of your life. It’s about learning how to take a complex problem and break it down, ask the questions, move it forward. It’s very discussion-based.

"Our faculty has close contact with students at all levels. And I think you see that in the longevity of the relationships with students, after they leave Boston College. That’s a big part of why I like teaching at Boston College."

Edith Hotchkiss, Associate Professor of Finance in the Carroll School of Management, publishes widely on topics such as valuation and restructuring mechanisms for financially distressed firms. Prior to her time at Boston College, she worked for New York University as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Finance and at Standard & Poor's Corporation as an Assistant Vice President. Her research focuses mainly on coporate finance, more specifically, the efficiency of Chapter 11 bankruptcy procedures, restructuring mechanisms for financially distressed firms, and transparency and efficiency of the corporate bond market. Among other current projects, she is studying the impact of leveraging on company innovation. She has also served as a board director of the Turnaround Management Association and as an independent economist for the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.