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Carroll School of Management Graduate Programs

MSF Course Waiver Policy

Incoming students who took an MSF core course as an undergraduate may be eligible to waive the course, and to replace it with an elective, by passing a waiver exam. Waiver exams must be completed no later than the deadline of August 1. Incoming students requesting a course waiver must submit requests to Professor Michael Barry. Students will be notified of the results of their waiver exam prior to the start of the Fall semester.

MSF students who received an undergraduate degree from Boston College and who achieved a minimum grade of B+ in an MSF core course taken at Boston College will be allowed to replace that course with an elective, provided they have taken the course within the past five years. Students who received a grade of B or lower or who took the course more than five years prior to starting the MSF program may take a waiver exam or they may re-take the course with a professor other than the one who taught their undergraduate course.