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Carroll School of Management Graduate Programs

Stephen Nagler
MBA '15



Stephen stands in business suit at Fulton Hall entrance



The BC MBA program taught Stephen Nagler, BC MBA ‘15, to go beyond the business operations he learned as an undergraduate and to look at organizations from the top down. Stephen decided to pursue his graduate education at Boston College after gaining experience in supply chain management working on drone programs at Raytheon. A Dallas, TX, native, Stephen earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Oklahoma in International Business and Marketing, and his long term goal is to start his own robotics company.

“Right now it is the stuff of science fiction but so were all major technological advances at one time.  I think robots will be everywhere in the next 20 years and I’m excited to get involved.”

Although he was offered a full time position in supply chain management after graduation, Stephen decided to intern with a Boston area robotics company to gain more experience in the industry. “It was a tough decision, but my friends and family encouraged me and helped me realize that if I wasn’t ready to take a chance and pursue my goals now with the momentum of an MBA behind me, when would I be?”

Targeting the Northeast, Stephen was drawn to the BC MBA program for the focus on developing well-rounded, highly ethical businessmen and women, “The BC MBA program is very diverse, with students from many different professional backgrounds from all over the world. The breadth of experience never failed to cast our classroom discussions in a new light, and really made me consider how each situation must be approached from that country and culture’s perspective, not just the American viewpoint that I am most familiar with.”

While at BC, Stephen earned a market analysis internship after attending the Manager’s Studio, a speaker series with senior executives. The guest speaker offered two internships to BC MBA students, and Stephen was one of the students selected. He credits the Carroll School Career Strategies Office for helping him obtain this position.