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Carroll School of Management Graduate Programs

Amanda Scipione
Part-Time MBA ’07




Amanda Scipione arrived at the Carroll School several years ago, as a part-time student in the MBA program. She was working for a Boston financial firm at the time—and looking to try out a different field. Progress had been a little slow in that direction, but then, “right off the bat, it opened up doors,” she recalls.

“It” was the addition of Boston College to her resume. The MBA student suddenly began getting responses from firms in different industries, and from Carroll School graduates working for those firms. The whole experience “opened my eyes to the power of the Boston College alumni network,” Scipione says.

She eventually accepted an offer from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts to work in the company's internal management consulting unit. The consultants there “understood the MBA program at BC, and appreciated what it did,” Scipione relates. “They knew what kind of people graduate from the program, and what you'd be able to do, coming out of it.”

Scipione—who has since returned to the finance industry—speaks just as passionately about the academic preparation at the Carroll School. “What they taught is applicable to everything I do in life,” she emphasizes.

One highlight of her two years at Boston College (2005-2007) was her management practicum class, MP1. The goal of the class was to develop a medical device product, which turned out to be essentially a hat that children with epilepsy can wear. The hat transmitted electrodes that halt seizures.

“It was an awesome, awesome experience,” says Scipione, whose academic concentration was finance. She noted that the class drew up a comprehensive business plan and elicited favorable responses from venture capital firms.

The exercise proved extraordinarily valuable when she helped launch a company— Siharum Advisors, LLC, an investment management firm in Boston, of which she is a partner and director of client service. In both MP1 and a real-world startup, “You just get thrown in. You have to figure it out. You have to use the skills you've learned, because you're not going to have somebody walking you through, step by step, holding your hand,” Scipione says. She adds that the practicum was a “real confidence builder” for such a venture.

She stays in touch with Carroll School professors, who have offered her advice on matters ranging from private equity to accounting and organizational behavior. With a husband and two small children at home, one of her aspirations in the coming year is to carve out more time for Boston College events, including panel discussions sponsored by the Carroll School in downtown Boston. She also hopes to attend, with the family, more Eagles games in Chestnut Hill.

And, Scipione is making a point of helping every Carroll School graduate who links up with her—contributing to what she describes as a “very tight alumni network.”