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Carroll School of Management Graduate Programs

Matt Taylor


"I've been a part of the Boston College community for a long time. Not only do I come from a family of BC graduates, but I did my undergraduate work there as well. I never considered going anywhere else for my MBA. I knew that at the Carroll School I would be challenged and that my already extensive Boston College network would get even stronger."

"I was right on both counts. The professors at the Carroll School were very fair, but they pushed us hard and challenged us to be our best. And the focus on team-based projects meant that I got to know people from very difference business-backgrounds. In my professional life, I was primarily working with people in my own discipline, and it was beneficial to work with people with different perspectives."

"Before going back to school for my MBA, I was focused on my own individual contributions in the workplace, not on the company as a whole. I graduated with a much broader perspective. I might not have been setting company strategy on my first day of work at Staples after graduation, but I was thinking like a senior leader."

"I started at Staples as a financial analyst. I researched numbers, examined the company's performance, and made recommendations. Today, I manage five very different teams in the finance department, and my focus has shifted to operations. It's a very different role, but I was prepared to make that kind of career change because of the managerial leadership qualities that I developed at the Carroll School."