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Carroll School of Management Graduate Programs

Ran Harel


In theory, it should have been an ill-fated time for Ran Harel to go seeking a position in finance. He graduated from the Carroll School in 2002, in the throes of a stock-market crash triggered by the bursting of an Internet bubble. But Harel had a decisive advantage: the Boston College community.

“Part of what makes BC unique is how easy it is to form close relationships with students, faculty, and alumni,” says Harel, who ventured into the professional market with a dual degree in management and finance from the Carroll School.

For Harel, one of those faculty members was finance professor Robert A. Taggart—who had urged him to add on the second degree. When it came time for Harel to seek a permanent position, Taggart connected him with the management consulting firm Analysis Group, in Boston. “He opened the door for me,” recalls Harel, who worked at Analysis Group for eight years until this past year. At that time he took his current position as vice president of SFC Associates, a securities and financial consulting firm in New York.

Moving on from the Carroll School turned out to mark just another phase of Harel’s involvement in the Boston College community. He was, as far as he knows, the first Carroll School graduate at Analysis Group, but hardly the last. He began representing Analysis Group at information sessions held on campus for MBA students, and helped set up an employment pipeline between this prestigious consulting firm and Chestnut Hill.

Getting near a decade after graduating, Harel says he’s in touch regularly with up to 20 classmates from Boston College. They include his wife, Lynette (Kelley), MBA’01, whom he met at Boston College, and who is now a director at Fidelity Investments in New York.

“We were a very close group, which is unique,” he points out. “Because it’s a small school, you really get to know everybody, and you could form those long-term relationships.” It’s also a diverse community: many Carroll School MBA students come from abroad, which was important to Harel, as a native of Tel Aviv, Israel.

Harel adds that he continues to draw important dividends from his academic training at the Carroll School, which places an emphasis on creativity and analytical thinking as well developing skills and understanding core subject areas. “It’s the kind of background that makes it possible for you to create, from almost zero, a path to the completion of a successful project,” he says.